St Lukes Fixtures

St Lukes FIXTURES 2022
Premier league games 1pm start – unless otherwise stated, always check the SCL league site for confirmation of game details

St Lukes Cricket Club Fixtures

7 May                    St Lukes v Balham & Tooting (TC2)

14 May                 S Warriors Strikers v St Lukes (Abbeyfields)

21 May                 St Lukes v Ploughmans (TC2)

28 May                 Bec Old Boys v St Lukes (SuttonGS2)

4 June                   St Lukes v Ottershaw (TC2)

11 June                 S Warriors Spartans v St Lukes (Abbeyfields)

18 June                 St Lukes v Wandsworth (TC2)

25 June                 St Lukes v Spencer Sharks (TC2)

2 July                     London Gymkhana v St Lukes (TC1)

9 July                     Balham & Tooting v St Lukes (Openview/Fishponds)

16 July                  St Lukes v S Warriors Strikers (TC2)

23 July                  Ploughmans v St Lukes (Dulwich)

30 July                  St Lukes v Bec Old Boys (TC2)

6 August                Ottershaw v St Lukes (Ottershaw)

13 August             St Lukes v S Warriors Spartans (TC2)

20 August             Wandsworth v St Lukes (TC1)

3 September        St Lukes v London Gymkhana (TC2)

10 September      Spencer Sharks v St Lukes (Openview?) from 27/8

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