Tolworth Court Sports Ground, Old Kingston Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7QH

Blue & Gold

Annual:      £50 (under 18 – £20)
Matchday:  £12 (under 18 – £6)

1994 – Elected to League
1995 – Division Five Runners-up
1996 – Division Four Champions
2000 – Division Four Champions
2000 – 2nd XI elected to the League
2005 – Division Four Champions
2006 – Division Three third place (promoted)
2007 – 2nd XI Division Five third place (promoted)
2011 – Division One Champions
2019 – Premier Division Champions
2020 – No season due to Covid19

Surrey Cricket League

Duration of Game
45 overs bowled by each side. Maximum of 8 overs per bowler.

1.00pm (12.30pm from third Saturday in August). Not at the ground 15 minutes before the start shall forfeit the toss. Not ready to start on time shall forfeit two batting overs for every 5 minutes late.

Points System
20 points for a win
5 points for a tie (equal scores regardless of wickets lost)
0 points for a defeat

Bonus Points (for losing and tieing sides)

Batting                                       Bowling
60 runs        1 point                 2 wickets       1 points
90 runs        2 points               4 wickets       2 points
120 runs      3 points               6 wickets       3 points
150 runs      4 points               8 wickets       4 points
180 runs      5 points               10 wickets     5 points

When a side does not have 11 players they are deemed all out when their last wicket falls and the fielding side is awarded 5 bowling bonus points. Full bowling bonus points are awarded to the fielding side if the batting side declares.

Constitution & Player Charter
Please take the time to read the Constitution and Player Charter.

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